PV Solar Plant
investment opportunity

Kazakhstan – 8MW

One single project — a 8 MW solar plant in Kazakhstan divided into 6 parts from 0,5 to 2,5 MW that could be implemented step by step or at once. Investors are invited to get a stake from 10% to 75%
Tariff fixed for the next 15 years
Tariff fixed for the
next 15 years
Step-by-step implementation
Tariff fixed in US Dollars
Tariff fixed
in US Dollars
Tariff is indexed for inflation every year
Tariff is indexed
for inflation every year
Support from the Ministry of Energy
Support from the
Ministry of Energy
A reserve fund for stable payments has been created
A reserve fund for stable
payments has been created

At a glance

Project size:
8 MW (6 plants)
2 x 0.5 MW
2 x 1.0 MW
2 x 2.5 MW
8 MW total
Project CAPEX:
Annual Income:
$173’000 per MW
$1’384’000 per year
PV, ground mounted
Fixed tilt installation;
Crystalline silicon based modules;
Advanced Development
Final launch:
Income regime:
tariff 105 USD/MWh fixed for 15 years*
Land lease:
49 years
Equity Needed:
Share deal:
75% for sale
Project IRR:
Project NPV:
* The Tariff is determined during the public bidding and fixed for next 15 years. Tariff is indexed for inflation every year.


The land has already been allocated for construction by the Ministry of Energy. Grid connection point defined and secured. The southern place located not far from town Kyzylorda.


Stage 1
2 X 0.5 MW
100% equity
Stage 2
2 X 1 MW
50% equity, 50% debt
Stage 3
2 Х 2,5 MW
30% equity, 70% debt
Public bidding for a tariff
Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)
Land lease & grid connection contract
Project design
Equipment purchasing
Installation & commissioning
Debt financing
Start of operation

Meet the team

01.Our Team is formed by experts in Photovoltaic have been working together since 1991.
02.The Team worked in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Germany, the Czech Republic, Russia, and Kazakhstan.
03.We have experience in PV solar cells and panels development and production, also qualified in solar projects development, design, and construction. Team members are skilled in establishing solar panels production lines.
Dmitriy Solodukha
Dmitriy Solodukha
M.Sc., entrepreneur, PV expert
Was involved in solar cells and modules production since 2003. Worked as engineer-technologist and started first business in 2008 in solar equipment sales. Since 2011 lead UNISOLEX company that was engaged in solar projects development, design, engineering, and construction. Developed 280 MW project with 4 factories on board. Founder of Solar DAO and UNISOLEX
Dmitriy Solodukha
Oleg Solodukha
M.Sc., inventor, PV expert
PV cells developer for space and ground usage. Developed several unique technologies in photovoltaic. Dedicated solar cells and modules production facilities in Russia, Germany, Spain, and South Africa. Has more than a dozen patents in Russia and the USA. Published in 25+ scientifically articles. Was awarded two medals of the Federation of Astronautics and a Government award.
Matthias Seidel
Matthias Seidel
Business development, analyst
Aleks Melekhavets
Aleks Melekhavets
Head of Solar Project Department
Anastasia Shcherbina
Anastasia Shcherbina
Marketer. Senior community manager
Andrey Medvedev
Andrey Medvedev
Head of Web Development
Prof. Klaus Thiessen
Prof. Klaus Thiessen
Advisor, Ioffe physical-technical institute
Marat Zaks
Marat Zaks
Advisor, Expert, Alfa club member
Rachel Andalaft
Rachel Andalaft
Advisor, Rea consult, founder
Evgeny Dorofeev
Evgeny Dorofeev
Financial Advisor
Roman Kolesnikov
Roman Kolesnikov
Partner, Steinweg Weber GmbH
Evgeny Dorofeev
Melvin Naidu
Legal Adviser


Representative Office:
Steinweg Weber GmbH +49 2102 7089926

Roosikrantsi tn 2-K490, Tallinn, Estonia, 10119


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